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¡Hola chicas! Me he mudado. Moda, Belleza, Street Style…

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Hi girls! Fashion, Beauty, Street style, Gastronomy and more!

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Street Style in Scandinavia

¡Hola chicas! Hoy os dejo con un poco de inspiración de las calles de Oslo y Estcolmo, ¿alguna favorita? ¡Feliz Viernes!.

Hi dolls! Some Street Style inspiration from Oslo and Stockholm. Any favourites?.

Escandinavia 053 (427x640)

Escandinavia 152 (427x640)

Escandinavia 161 (427x640)

Escandinavia 153 (427x640)

Escandinavia 162 (427x640)

Escandinavia 164 (427x640)

Escandinavia 165 (427x640)

Escandinavia 168 (427x640)

Escandinavia 169 (427x640)

Escandinavia 174 (427x640)

Escandinavia 171 (427x640)

Escandinavia 173 (427x640)

Photos taken by me.

Street Style: Oslo & Stockholm.

London Street Style: Hipsters!

¡Hola chicas! Mirad lo que encontré por Londres, ¿algún favorito?.

Hi dolls! This is what I found in London. Any favourites?.

London time! 031 (427x640)

London time! 032 (427x640)

London time! 034 (427x640)

London time! 035 (427x640)

London time! 036 (427x640)

London time! 037 (427x640)

London time! 038 (427x640)

London time! 039 (427x640)

London time! 041 (427x640)

London time! 040 (640x427)

Madrid Street Style!

Any favourites?

Madrid St Style 001 (427x640)

Madrid St Style 002 (427x640)

Madrid St Style 003 (427x640)

Madrid St Style 004 (640x427)

Madrid St Style 006 (427x640)

Madrid St Style 007 (427x640)

Madrid St Style 008 (427x640)

Madrid St Style 011 (427x640)

Madrid St Style 015 (427x640)

Madrid St Style 016 (427x640)

Street Style: Hipsters in Madrid

Street Style 012 Street Style 010 Street Style 011 Street Style 013 Street Style 014 Street Style 015 Street Style 017 Street Style 018 Street Style 019 Street Style 020 Street Style 021 Street Style 016

London Street Style

Which one do you prefer?…
st style 155
st style 142
st style 154
st style 152
st style 146
st style 148
st style 144
st style 143
st style 141

Street Style in Madrid

st style 163
st style 164
st style 156
st style 165
st style 167
st style 168

Best Street Style of the day at VLFW

I love this Street Style shot that I found at London Fashion Weekend. So cool!!!



st style 101

Street Style 102

Street Style In Madrid

Un avance del Street Style que he encontrado en la capital…
st style 161
st style 162
st style 158
st style 159
st style 160
st style 157
st style 166

VLFW Street Style

I came across the coolest Street Styles at today’s Vodafone London Fashion Weekend! Check them out!!
VLFW 030
VLFW 009
VLFW 032
VLFW 011
VLFW 029
VLFW 026
VLFW 027
VLFW 019
VLFW 014
VLFW 017
VLFW 013
VLFW 007
VLFW 024