Dear Isabel Marant, youaresolovely!

No es que sea una fashion victim pero NO me he podido resistir a las sneakers de Isabel Marant, las zapatillas más cómodas y chic del momento. A pesar de tener una lista de espera interminable, Harvey and Nichols tuvo la gentileza de guardarme un par, how sweet!. Y la verdad es que no me las quito, son todoterreno. Y quedan bien con todos los looks, arreglados o informales. ¿no os parece?.

Is not that I am a fashion victim but on this occasion I might have just become one as I felt for Isabel Marant sneakers and I have been looking for them like a mad person! Despite the long waiting list I was lucky enough to get a pair at Harvey & Nichols in London. No wonder why they are the most comfortable and chic trainers of all!! I can´t stop wearing them!! They make all the looks nice and fit with everything: casual and elegant! Don´t you think?.

Top: Zara (F/W12). Shorts, Belt/Cinturón: Mango (F/W12). Bolso/Bag: Dolce & Gabbana. Sneakers: Isabel Marant (F/W12):

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